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Reflections From the Pastor's Pen

December 2016

Friends in Christ:

    Each year during the holiday season, I pen a reflection as a Christmas thank you for all each of you have done, are doing, and will do for me, Angie, and for the church. I am so grateful.

    This year my thoughts have turned more and more to time made more precious by its passing, the brevity of life, and the opportunity we have to maximize each breath.

    Our faith very strongly affirms Paul’s belief “that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses” and each Sunday we affirm our belief in the communion of saints as we recite the Apostles Creed.

    In the cycle of life we have each been Christians yet to be, the church militant (alive now), later we will join the others who have gone before.

    We are always of God and with God. We share our oneness in Jesus Christ who transcends the passage of time. Life itself makes more sense when we experience it as citizens of the timeless Kingdom of God.

    My prayer this year is that each of us will pause and remember those special people of the church triumphant (those who helped form us), the church militant (our fellow travelers of today), and those in years to come who will look back on Grandad, or Nana, or Tia, or scores of others, and smile - perhaps with tear filled eyes.

Merry Christmas 2016

The Church Triumphant
  - Militant- Yet to be

The tenured pastor
on a mission to retrieve sermon notes
looked silently from the pulpit
as the evening shadows filled
The sanctuary- empty now
but for the memories of
those whose
hands had graced the organ’s ivories
stood in the pulpit
gathered around the font
came to the table
embraced after saying “I do”
being the Church
and everything in between.
How many had worshipped there?
When the light was “just right”
generations of worn spots
could be seen in the backs of the seats.
How many generations of squirming babies
and children bringing food to be blessed?
How many on canes and walkers or in wheel chairs
from all seasons of life
had sung and prayed and worshipped there?
In a celestial vison of the communion of the saints
the pastor saw and heard them all
The Church Triumphant- those who came before
and the sanctuary was filled with those of yesteryear
healed and ageless
Singing “The Church’s One Foundation is Jesus Christ Her Lord”
Encouraging and enabling the church militant and the church yet to be.

Merry Christmas 2016
Angie and Jim Miles

© James R. Miles

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Jim Miles

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