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Members of First Presbyterian Church
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Statement of Our Beliefs

Come and worship, go and serve.

Church members lighting the advent candles at ouro Christmas Eve service, 2010.
We Believe . . .

. . . that there is only one church, that of our Lord Jesus Christ. We as Presbyterians are but one branch of that True Vine.

. . . that the church is not a building, but the gathered community at worship, in study, in fellowship, and at work.

. . . in a Trinitarian God. The Father created and is still creating. The Son redeemed and is still redeeming. The Holy Spirit empowered and is still empowering.

. . . that we are all sinners, saved by grace alone. As a part of the priesthood of all believers, each individual has direct access to God through Christian prayer.

. . . that God has given us two sacraments, baptism and communion. Both of these were ordained by our Lord Jesus Christ as He participated in them. We recognize baptisms performed by other denominations and welcome all to our communion table.

. . . we should live lives of grateful, obedient response to the Christ event, loving God with all our hearts and minds and souls and our neighbors as ourselves.

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